People often ask me about confidence: how to obtain it, fake it, and why I seem to have an endless reserve. I won’t deny that I’m confident. I won’t deny that I often feel good about myself, that I'm proud of my accomplishments, and that I'm satisfied with the person I am. I do need to mention that it takes work, and doesn’t always come naturally.




MizDragonfly is a line of limited-edition vintage jewelry founded by Karine of Brooklyn. This eclectic collection is the intersection of old Hollywood glam and quirky street style. MizDragonfly has a number of stand out, statement pieces (my favorite kind.) The line caught my eye with their funky knuckle rings that have been red carpet favorites of celebrities such as Lauren Lee Smith, Natalie Brown, Cory Lee and Gabrielle Miller. MizDragonfly jewelry is sold in retailers all over the world and regularly featured in magazines such as FLARE, Dress to Kill, Tatalum, GlassBook, Factice, 1968 and Superior. 

Ethical Fashion


I don’t know about you, but when it’s time to clean out my closet it’s definitely something I tend to put off for as long as I can. But even so, it’s something that I make sure I do yearly. So with the new year upon us, I decided to declutter and organize my closet. Here are some of my tips!

“She was a gypsy, as soon as you unravelled the many layers to her wild spirit she was on her next quest to discover her magic. She was relentless like that, the woman didn't need anybody but an open road, a pen and a couple of sunsets” -Nikki Rowe