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When "coffee" is more than coffee

I understand it takes real confidence to ask the lady you're fancying out on a date.  Whatever you've been through -- that ish takes real character! Lezzbe honest men these days don't know how to be gentlemen (most of the time). Call me old fashioned, but I don't think chivalry is dead, nor will I ever settle for less than what I believe I deserve. You can quote me on that.

What's with this coffee thing? I have to be real - this is not something I'm familiar with but lately I've been asked out on a few coffee dates. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate coffee. I don’t drink it often (unless it's a coffee bean hazelnut latte,) but I'd rather drink merlot. Starbucks doesn't serve that yet. Time to maximize that franchise.

I'm a private person so discussing my personal life, especially as it pertains to the male species (yes they are another species!) is out of character for me. Recently one of my former bosses has asked me out for “coffee” I replied with, 

“Are you asking me on a d8?!” 

He said "yes", so why did he only go halfway? It's obvious what his real intentions are but why did he half ass it? It's my opinion and I'm only 24 (he's a bit older,) but I feel it's sort of silly to ask a girl for coffee.  If you want to meet me, let’s go on a date and call it a date.  In complete transparency if I wouldn’t go on a date with you, I wouldn’t go for “coffee,” with you either. It's the same thing boys. If you are trying to get on my good side let's throw some red wine into the mix. Your odds and my mood will be better. According to the well revered,, "date" is defined as :

"A social appointment, engagement, or occasion arranged beforehand with another person."

Is coffee cheaper? Is that what's happening? I learn through what I've been through. Not complicated it's simple. I am a cheap date but Starbucks is far too basic for a chick like myself. We have to go somewhere where pastries aren't the only thing available in solid form. Plus how cute can I really look at Starbucks? It's not happening. Stop trying to make it happen.


If neither of you felt some sort of magnetic pull or romantic chemistry if you will, the concept of a date would have never been on the table (pun intended!) Am I right or am I right? Maybe you're testing the waters because you want something to be there so badly, or you want to make certain; either way you're feeling some type of way.