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[24] hour power, or [24] hour power year?

You are only allotted so many trips around the sun, and in all seriousness you never know how many you are going to get. I was lucky enough to celebrate one of those trips earlier this week, most specifically in the middle of Paris Fashion Week (I die) & on Fat Tuesday! That’s right, my birthday was on Mardi Gras – however I made the decision of not adorning traditional Mardi Gras attire and decided to go for something a bit more inspired:

  Inspiration:    Paris Fashion Week Street Style: Day 9

Inspiration: Paris Fashion Week Street Style: Day 9

I fell in madly in love maybe 20 days ago with the crop top/ full skirt look. Maybe because I have been bombarded by this pairing extensively during London, Italy and now Paris fashion week, but maybe not. Not usually a fan of crop tops since I feel uncomfortable exposing that much of my stomach while simultaneously reminding people of the 90s. That being said, the full skirt alone is quite severe and can appear too stiff/formal for my taste if styled incorrectly. The crop top/full skirt mixture meets young/chic/fun/icantakeovertheworldbecauseitsmybirthday with elegance and sophistication in the most appealing of forms.

Determined to find a look that resembled the one above I headed to Nordy’s; keeping in mind the facet of human nature, or the reality life as such: everytime you are looking for something you can never find it. However, the birthday gods smiled down on me (PS THANKS) because I found the striped skirt, brand: Halogen, and crop top, brand: Tildon fairly quickly. Insta outfit [literally insta]. I kept in mind I had this exquisite necklace I purchased in Scottsdale last year from Madewell, and sassy candy apple red suede Sam Edelman platforms with an ankle strap that would go harmoniously with my new purchases.

Overall, I felt the love on my birthday: 24 FOLD. Incredibly blessed for all the amazing individuals in my life that I hold close to my heart, they all know who they are and they ain’t nothing it they don’t. Thank you for making this my best birthday yet. Like wine, age gets better with time.

A special shout out to Willie Mays, who absolutely killed this number throughout his epic career. Maybe I’ll even hit a few grand slams while repping this number.