3 Shades of Pink

    J.Crew Plaid Boucle tweed jacket: Buy here!


J.Crew Plaid Boucle tweed jacket: Buy here!

Theory, Calvin Klein, J.Crew, you name it they have it. By it I mean a way with structure and design that at it’s most simple is impeccable, while incorporating the color pink. I assure you there is nothing nationalistic or imperial about those choices, despite all three being American. Expertly styled clothing specializing in basic architecture that would appeal to any modern woman. The above fashion houses happen to be three of my favorite, because they’re basic? No. Because they don’t pretend to be something they are not, they just are; and they kill it.

Calvin Klein, American yet not to be confused with super 90s hunk Chris Klein, (are the related?) Launching in 1968 from a hotel room in Manhattan with a fairly simple dress line – Calvin Klein is just as relevant now as it has always been. Pink Pink Pink. Every time I hear Calvin Klein all I think about the incredibly stunning gown Claire Danes wore to the Golden Globes in 2011. I have had a disDane for the color pink ever since I learned to tie my own (not pink) shoes. Somehow Calvin makes me love it. Isn’t that miraculous, isn’t that what fashion is all about? I find that to be a feat, a battle won, a victory: designing something so wonderful that even an individual that normally hates something, becomes enamored with it. However, I’m sure in his mind, designing something the notable Claire Danes wore was much more of a success..

 Claire Danes @ The Golden Globes, 2011 in Calvin Klein

Claire Danes @ The Golden Globes, 2011 in Calvin Klein

J.Crew started out as a standard drab comparable to the likes of the Gap, or a more boring version of Land’s End in 1995. Anyone remember those weird half zips with reflectors on the back and your initials monogrammed on the front? #TotallyEastCoast #ButWeLiveInCaliMom. Maybe you never had this experience with Land’s End, maybe you are lucky and got to shop at Limited Too for everything, and for that I am jealous. Anyway, back to the task at hand. J.Crew did not get interesting until 2009 (which is coincidentally the year I started to work for them, life never ceases to amaze me). Under the creative direction of sharp shooter and the newly “out,” (GO YOU!) courageous Jenna Lyons; J.Crew morphed itself into a destination for men and women of all ages (even babies! Hello Crew Cuts!) Though still keeping their basic framework, they perfected the whole,

I’m really not trying to look good, but I just do
— Everyone Rocking J.Crew
 J.Crew Classic Merino Long Cardigan

J.Crew Classic Merino Long Cardigan

Theory came into being when Elie Tahari and a Calvin Klein (coincidence? I think not) executive, Andrew Rosen had a desire make comfy, yet stylish stretch pants for women in 1997. The product line took off, like a scarf out the window of a moving car; and in 1999 Theory’s men’s line launched. Theory was enormously more successful than Tahari and Rosen could ever have imagined. Selling the LLC after just 6 years to the owners of the Japanese powerhouse, Uniqlo. Theory is uncomplicated and unassuming. Even the most fashion-challenged consumer can relate to their shades of pink; pinks that do not jump out, or yell at you: they are sweet and simple; the antithesis of persnickety. I may be slightly biased since I got my first job by interviewing in Theory threads (and I continue to sport Theory to every interview).


What is with pink? Pink it sounds like poke, or punk, and looks even worse. How are these three fashion houses able to make me reconsider my torrid, unsettled, war with the color Pink? I must confess I have bought many a pink J.Crew cardigan, T-Shirt, Theory summer wedges (pictured here for purchase), coincidentally slipping into my wardrobe. The power and persuasion of the brands colors my world pink!

To Theory, Calvin & J.Crew: keep doin’ what you do because it’s makin’ me love what I hate.


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