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The Blonde Gangster

Greetings loyal readers and welcome to today’s topic: The Blonde Gangster aka yours truly. One might wonder why am I the blonde gangster? I’ll tell you straight up yo, there is nothing gangster about me other than the music I choose to expose my ears to. Gangster rap, it’s my tune of choice everytime. Inspiration for this came when I was jogging earlier and I realized, all I listen to is rap!!!!! Lil Wayne’s degrading yet seductively captivating lyrics strike cords within me every time. My good friend accuses me of being born black, bleached white and set up in this lanky betches body. I get the whole, “But you’re so pretty, why do you listen to this music?”

I never saw anything wrong with it. When I was 13 I bought the ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ CD, which my parents found and broke in two halves in front of my face. What did I do? I went and bought another, and another and I rocked that shit everyday in the car within my portable CD player on the way to middle school, G-Unit shoes on obviously. As if that weren’t enough, I started cutting out pictures from magazines, and printing pix off the internet of the one and only Curtis Jackson. Vowing I would lose my virginity only to him. Now clearly that did not happen but now at 23 I am seriously starting to wonder where did this obsession with hip/hop and rap music come from?

I live in, well, not an area that has avid rap listeners. So why is this white chick obsessed with rap music? My uncle the other day, not my real uncle but one of those uncles that is best friends with your parents so therefore automatically an uncle, says to me as we are driving in my car listening to you guessed it, the lyrical wonders of 50 Cent:

“What is up with all these white kids wanting to have an experience in the ghetto? I just don’t get it.”
— Kenny DiFiore

I don’t get it either uncle. It’s not like I listen to this music wanting to be having an experience; I literally feel the music, A WHOLE LOT. It makes me want to dance, it makes me smile, it makes me happy and it gets me going. No other music does what rap does for me.

I always wonder, what is going to happen when I get (even) older and eventually pro-create. When my children decide to ask what my favorite type of music is, or my favorite song am I really going to drop beats with Andre Nickatina 4AM bay bridge music? I don’t think so.. So many other parts of my personality have matured, yet my music taste, though expanded and refined in many areas, preferentially has stayed relatively stagnant. Sorry Dad I still like black men singing about drugs, struggles, and getting low (throwback ’04)

Always remember to KEEP IT REAL


The Blonde Gangster