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I love you, you hate me – You love me I hate you #WTF

What is up with that aspect of human nature? I mean seriously.

You want what you can’t have, and then when it’s available you no longer want it. Is it the thrill of the chase? A case of fatal attraction? Or is it something more masochistic?

I have always pondered the allure between perfectly nice looking, wonderful girls with big hearts and their obsession with douchebags. What is with that? You treat him amazing and he treats you as carelessly as scarf going out the window of a moving car. Do guys love bitches? Or does he just hate you? And if he hates you why does he keep coming around? Because he can? Because you let him? Because it’s a game? Is that a fun game to be a part of? Maybe he’s totally hot? But how long can you use that excuse, “Well he’s totally inconsiderate and for the large part oblivious to my emotions….but he’s really attractive!!!” Good looks are not an excuse for bad behavior, and even in your mid-20s (yikes!) I realize this is especially easy to overlook/forget. Woman up!

Every guy wants a girl who is bad only for him and every girl wants a bad boy who is good only for her.
— Evette Carter


More so why do self respecting women put up with this type of behavior from guys when they don’t have to? There are plenty of men lining up to treat them well and give them the type of attention they deserve. It boggles my mind. Do you think these women are just not ready for a mature relationship or are they part masochist: having deep seeded, maybe even an unconscious belief that they deserve to be treated terribly. Honestly, how can you put up with that sort of behavior for any long duration of time if you don’t deep down think you are worthy of anything better? These are the glory years of your life – your 20s! Ditch the dude that only sees you when feels like it, complains the whole time, and spend it with your girlfriends or people that ACTUALLY care about you.

Long story short: Don't settle for a bad boy when you deserve a good man.