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Warby Parker: Glasses with a Purpose

Beauty is not a size, a number or a face. Beauty comes from within. Buy Warby. Enhance the world. Enhance your beauty. Enhance yourself. As a person with a passion for helping people and solving problems, I have serious respect for Warby Parker. The most innovative ideas are created in light of insurmountable problems. In Warby's case, the exponential cost of eyeglasses. A founder of Warby Parker lost his pair and had to spend his first year of graduate school squinting, which indubitably effected his performance. Neil Blumenthal, Co-CEO @ Warby previously worked for non-profit, VisionSpring. A company that works to provide training and affordable glasses to people in developing countries. If us as American citizens can barely afford it - how can those less fortunate than us? Warby and VisionSpring teamed up and together work to train and educate low-income men and women on the skill of creating glasses, diagnosing correction, while providing affordable access.

Did you know that correcting your vision can raise your monthly income by 20%? That being able to see correctly increases your productivity by 35%? As someone with 'perfect' vision I must admit it is something I struggle to not take for granted. Obtaining the correct lens' is imperative to improving the life and work of men and women in low-income societies. For every pair of Warby's you purchase, the amount of sourcing those glasses is contributed to training and educating men and women on providing affordable eye-care. Donations do not equip citizens with the tools they really need. Therefore Warby works to achieve a sustainable system that will one day flourish on it's own. 

 Dempsey, Jet Silver

Dempsey, Jet Silver

Not only is Warby Parker socially active, it is also incredibly stylish! Combining two passions of my own effortlessly, social activism and style. Which is rather impressive. My favorite sunglasses from their BRAND NEW  2015 winter collection are Dempsey and Upshaw. Why? They are the ultimate 'chill!' Introducing icier hues imbedded with blue, greys and crystals. There is no better gift for yourself or that special person in your life. Who doesn't need new sunglasses? Who doesn't want to help others? Talk about a worthwhile investment.

Pair with mauve and grey tones that are scintillating on point this holiday season. Wear these and feel good, not guilty. Feel like you've made a difference, because you have. With Warby Parker's fair price point (starting at $95), chic styles and their commitment to bettering the world as we know it: I do not see why you would buy anywhere else. Beauty is not a size, a number or a face. Beauty comes from within. Buy Warby. Enhance the world. Enhance your beauty. Enhance yourself. 

**This is a sponsored post by Warby Parker but all thoughts, ideas and feelings are my own**

XOXO Kelly