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it's not christmas, but here's my wishlist!

Greetings and salutations all! This is my first post from NYC and it even feels different. Never have I hopped off a plane and instantly felt "home". It's an incredible feeling, both electric and addictive. I spent the whole day apartment and hunting and I think I found some real contenders.. TBD however.. PS: Today I learned how to ride the subway, getting real serious about this whole New Yorker thing aren't I now?

Long story short, or short story long, I'm a student again and therefore my budget has been dramatically chopped. So what's a girl to do when she still wants to look phresh but can no longer afford the real expensive threads..? I'll tell you:! 

(1) Casual Green Cardigan Long Vest. The long vest trend, it's official, it's here to stay I need one right now and so do you. In a place as humid as NYC, this is the perfect outerwear for a HOT AUGUST NIGHT!

(2) Casual Crochet Lace Dress. The LWD or "little white dress", a term that I never heard until this summer. I'm thinking this is maybe because I rarely wear white since I figured out I am just not the girl that can do that without spilling all over it. What do you guys think? Has the LWD been around or is it one of those weird new kids that I am strangely intrigued by?

(3) Chiffon Floral Open Cut Kimono. Thank you Japan. I haven't owned a kimono since 4th grade when I saw one in a thrift store and made my mom buy it for me, but then she stole it and now I want another! I've waited long enough haven't I? Also, this price? And it's chiffon? HELLO :)

(4) Asymmetrical Split Party Dress. Hope this isn't too redundant of me, posting about (2) white dresses and all. Especially after I just stated I have a hard time with white, but I guess I'm feeling extra confident in myself tonight. Since I'm single, in NYC, it's a scorcher out here, and well I just don't have any dresses this sexy right now I thought it was about time. Don't you?

The summer is slowly coming to an end so be sure to keep the rest of sexy! Oh AND shop dress link!

XOXO Kelly