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guns, necklaces, butterflies .. oh my!

It's no secret my style swings more edgy than anything else, which is whilst swarming the site my eyes lit up when I saw the below items. I just can't get enough.. And the prices? As they say in Missouri, "You'll have to see it to believe it."

(1) Stylish Hollow Out Back Round Collar Short Sleeve T-Shirt: Alright a black T-Shirt usually has me at "hello" but this one had me without saying a word. There is something so sultry and cunning about a shirt with out a cut out back done right. Modestly sexy .. yeah we'll go with that..

(2) Trendy Women's Sandals With Butterfly Wings: Summer isn't over yet. Speaking of which, have you found summer love yet? Don't wait for the weekend, be proactive everyday! These butterfly heels are sure to attract all the right kinds of honey (if butterflies do that sort of thing?)

(3) Crossbody Bag With Solid Color and Gun: Ever feel like being a badass? Or maybe you just already are one and like myself, are looking for a way to let the world know. Do it in style with this awesome cross body bag that doubles as a clutch.. has anything ever been more 'clutch'? I think not. 

(4) Tassels Coin Shape Multi-Layered NecklaceHave tassels ever been more in style before King Henry VIII then they are right now? Am I right, or am I right? Low and behold the non-tapestry tassel. A must have for style conscious women everywhere. Do yourself a favor and buy this incredibly priced necklace and look fierce for the next 365. 

So now that you have go-to site for easily attainable: T-Shirts, clutches, necklaces and shoes my work here is done. Don't confuse easily attainable for "everyone having it" either. See that's the coolest thing about, you can be one of the first adapters! As Drake says, "You Can Thank Me Later.."

XOXO from NYC with all my love,