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shoesday tuesday + thrifty finds

Outfit Details

Sunglasses: D&G

Geometric Print Dress: Cynthia Rowley ($25 from thrift shop!)

Leather Jacket: BCBG (on sale for $60)

Studded Belt: BCBG

Black Booties: Target (ultra steal!)

I have always been a firm believer that looking good does not have to go to the highest bidder. Fashion is an everyday thing, whether you want to or not, what you wear says something about you before you have chance to say anything about yourself. Therefore it's a common misconception in fashionable dress that it if it looks expensive, it MUST be expensive. Anna Wintour introduced the notion of "high/low" fashion in the early 90's to the pages of Vogue. This blending of expensive and affordability is definitely a staple in my wardrobe as evidenced above.

A nod to my favorite day of the week, shoesday tuesday and the fact I go to fashion school render it true that my friends are always wearing enviable kicks, therefore the inclusion of this photo is necessary! The NYC footwear scene could not be more different from the west coast. Heels are a luxury (yes I dared to do this today) but flats really run the shoe game here. As a pedestrian city it's not feasible to wear heels all thru the day and into the night. Did I mention this city is humungous? There's no going home to change. Unless you bring an extra pair with you, flats really are the way to go. A new fashion challenge for myself, as I detest wearing flat shoes! As you can see from the above photo Nike and Adidas street styles are the pick of many of the city's "most fashionable"..

Worth noting, I celebrated my 1 month anniversary in NYC this past weekend by dying my own hair back to lavender.. for the first time ever.. which I must say I was terrified of messing up, but I think it turned out alright! Everyday brings a new experience here. I even built my own bed, yes I never thought I would say those words..

 All in all, what do you think of "high/low" fashion? Is this something you incorporate as well? What are your favorite thrift stores?