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Wearing Jackets During Spring-Summer Season in New York

Wearing Jackets During Spring-Summer Season in New York

Slowly transitioning from the tail end of spring into the comforting atmosphere of summer won’t be as hard compared to other seasons. For one, spring and summer collections feature almost – if not – the same bright colors, fun patterns, and light materials. Lifestyle website Glamour Magazine has even curated a list of the ten outfits influenced by this some of the most prominent fashion shows today.

From flowy dresses, to leather rucksacks, to boho-chic sandals, the season highlights an assortment of easy garments that can be worn with less effort yet maintain a high sense of style. Having said all of these, it has become fairly simple to disregard an article of clothing that – in a way – tends to be relegated at the back of the closet during the summer.

According to the city’s website, as wet and as cold as New York’s winter is from December to February, its summer is on par in terms of heat and humidity. Indeed, the season doesn’t necessarily require having a dependable jacket; but it wouldn’t hurt to have one ready for the office or a casual night out with friends.

Fashion ecommerce platform Lyst has a way of differentiating professional and informal jackets accordingly. Office jackets should include tailored blazers and waistcoats, while they feel you should be wearing bombers, parkas, and denims for casual nights out. This gives women an idea on the types of jacket to wear in the summer – considering the temperature, the venue, and the occasion at the same time.

This season’s main style trends combine the modification of materials and fabrics, with each pattern’s cheerfulness and brightness. In short, jackets are mainly asymmetrical in shape with a slight hint of floral designs here and there. Additionally, the familiar black and brown, as well as sandy-reddish, leather jackets make an impact when it comes to color and style.

Based on the style gurus of Dress Trends, black or brown leather jackets go well with the season because of its versatility and usefulness. Ladies can wear this on top of a nice flowery dress, or better yet, have one that has touches of floral prints. Conversely, the bright sandy-reddish ones complement white skirts, blouses, or trousers for a more professional look.

Altogether, wearing jackets in the summer doesn’t sacrifice comfort for the sake of high fashion. These transitional clothes offer a viable alternative for expressing women’s individuality, while maintaining proper style and sophistication regardless of the season.