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when was the last time you got a new shower head?

I was thrilled and slightly surprised when reached out and asked me to review products from their expansive online store. Tmart is the international online destination for high quality products at lower prices. They offer an enormous range of inventory from electronics, make up brushes, to LED shower heads! A destination for almost any type of consumer. I was completely overwhelmed by their colossal selection that I opted to have my customer service rep choose products on my behalf. I was given an LED shower head and an immense collection of make-up brushes. I am happy to share my thoughts on Tmart and their products below.

Product 1: (20) Make-Up Brushes

I am not someone who wears make-up often. That being said, it is with much sadness that I must report I have no idea what any of these brushes are for! I was given a plethora of them, 20 in total. The packaging was lacking, just plastic film with a sticky enclosure. Not visually appealing by any means, therefore I opted to not include it. Since I'm unsure how to use these brushes and a self proclaimed novice when it comes to make-up and beauty products, I welcome your thoughts and opinions on the quality and proper use of these! I definitely learned my lesson in allowing a rep to pick out products for me. Not all girls wear make-up!

Product 2: LED Shower Head

Now this was a rad come up! Upon first receipt, I laughed at the packaging. My 14 year old self watching herbal essences commercials surfaced for a quick moment :) The shower head I had prior to this one was a horrid rectangular shaped thing that was supposed to create a "waterfall" effect. Instead, it was cheaply installed became nothing more than a puttering sprinkler that cobbled on itself. I was ecstatic to remove it and place the new LED Shower Head in it's place. The best part? This shower head requires no batteries, no on switch, absolutely nothing is required from the customer aside from screwing it in place and turning the water on. On initial installation there was a slight exposure at the top. This resulted in water spraying all over me! October showers bring.. November flowers? No.. That's not right. Needless to say I was "resourceful" and put scotch tape around the connecting part and it worked like a charm!

I am now able to shower with the lights off (how economically conscious!) I did not tell my roommates I was installing this, in order to see their authentic reactions. They were overwhelming positive! One even mentioned how it started strobing blue and red on her one morning and she felt she was being chased by the cops (in a cool way!) 


Overall, I have mixed feelings about The shower head product is wonderful, but the make-up brushes are essentially unusable at leas by the likes of me. The packaging is something I place importance on and I was underwhelmed by their presentation. It feels almost like Tmart wants to sell cheap things, make a lot of money, while not making a solid effort in retaining a customer base. Which I suppose they can get away with since their product range is gargantuan. I will say my rep was very communicative and quick to respond to any questions I had. But is that enough to get me to spend my money with Not sure.